Behind every product,
is their creators story.

Behind every entrepreneur, is their story.

Every great product has a back story. Garudio captures each creators background and inspiration for their products, and art, through video. 

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Featured Artists

Audrey Hood

Audrey Hood is from Charlotte and loves to paint using watercolor! A stay at home mom of two beautiful children and a part time interior designer and philanthropist. Check out her story and work!

Audrey's Artwork

Landon Lacey

Landon Lacey abides in Chicago and loves to create jewelry. She is a full time speech therapist and enjoys long brisk walks in Lincoln Park. Check out her story and work!

Landon's Artwork

Breanna Crenshaw

Bre hails from Charlotte, and is a full time mom and physical therapist. If she isn't fixing people she is making children's rooms cuter with her paintings! Check out her story and work!

Breanna's Artwork

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